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About Us

We enjoy our work and are very passionate about design.

Our priority is to help you by creating the best solution for your business.

Built upon over twenty years of experience – we at Cheeky Monkey Studios believe that the customer is Key and we strive to make sure you get the best possible service.

With experts in branding, web design, content management systems, ecommerce, search engine optimisation and social media we believe that you will find everything you need to let us deliver the best possible service to suit your business needs.

Some web companies don’t deliver on design as they think a site should be functional and don’t always get it right. We believe that just because a site looks great does not mean it can’t be functional as well. The perfect site can do both, what’s the point in having a functional site if the user experience is awful. Whether you require an information/brochure site or a full ecommerce experience the end user still needs to be able to find what they are looking for.

We also believe that you need the best advice and we will never give you any bad information or try and sell you something that you don’t require.

Just see our client testimonials, happy customers spread the word of our good service.

If you have had a bad experience from a web company we will endeavor to listen and make sure you get the service you require.

We are to help, so send us a message!

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